getting ready for school
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Get Ready For School: Intellectual, Psychological, and Social Aspects

It’s very normal as a parent to be concerned about your child getting ready for school. Skills related to reading and writing, counting and arithmetic, and the ability to solve logical problems become very important for the first time in your child’s life when they start school. Usually, parents are the most worried about these…

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The 5th language skill: I’d been teaching it unknowingly for years….

Read, write, speak and listen are verbs – correct? So, when first presented with the concept of culture as the fifth language skill, I struggled to take it on board. Maybe as a result of doing the same old thing in the classroom for too many years? Maybe as a result of my age-related cerebral…

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US vs. UK English
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UK vs. US English: Spelling, Punctuation & Helpful Rules to Know

I never realised that the age-old argument between American and British English really is ages-old! In fact, it dates back to the 1700s. This is evidenced by John Witherspoon, a member of Congress and one of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence who wrote in 1781: ”I have heard in this country [America] in…

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Cognitive Development in Children

Learning how to read and write is an important stage in the development of the child, the effectiveness of which depends on his general cognitive abilities. There are cases when the difficulties in reading are due to the fact that the child quickly forgets the meaning of the read, could not connect the letters in…

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Игры для развития координации глаз и рук
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Development of Spatial Orientation and Eye-Hand Coordination

Learning process of reading and writing is based on the child’s spatial orientation skills (top, bottom, right, left, understanding of prepositions) and visual-motor coordination, especially eye-hand communication.  When these functions are sufficiently developed, the child quickly understands from which side to start reading / writing, easily follows the line with the text, and also consistently…

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Fun reading games to help children learn to read

Learning to read is likely the most challenging task a child has faced in their lives at the age when they start learning to read. Learning to read can feel impossible to the child, especially if they are dyslexic. Dyslexia is a type of reading disorder characterized by different symptoms. Dyslexia may occur due to…

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granny with an ipad and granddaughter: MFL in the UK need to start teaching children at an earlier age
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Changes to MFL Teaching in the UK: Let’s Get Them Young!

I spent the last five years teaching in a German High School. I learnt a lot (especially German!), which made me reflect on how Modern Foreign Language (MFL) teaching is being done back home in the UK. In addition to this, I formed wonderful relationships with my students who enjoyed the different teaching ideas and…

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Are Gender Stereotypes Stopping your Child’s Success?

Boys like cars and girls like fluffy toys, right? How many of us played with things because they were given to us… but secretly hankered over our brother or sister’s toy. I know I did. One Christmas I received a sewing box and my little brother got the most awesome remote control car. I was…

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learn the german language
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8 Useful Tips on How to Learn the German Language

In this article, we will have a look at mechanisms of human memory in order to understand how to best learn the German language, or any other foreign language! By understanding the brain’s processes while learning a language, you can start speaking German fluently without long pauses, hitches, or glances to the floor. has…

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teacher hacks
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Top Teacher Hacks for Classroom Hacking

After 15 years of High School teaching, I have picked up a number of teacher hacks.Some things have become second nature – but I can still remember those first years when each day seemed like a matter of classroom coercion, student second-guessing and learning luring. Here are a few tips to help you hack it…

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