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How Speech Delay Affects Language Development in Children

Most children who show difficulties in reading have or have had a form of speech disorder such as speech delay, dyslexia or stuttering. In this article, we explore what kind of role speech disorders play in a child’s literacy development. Speech therapists and psychologists believe that speech disorders are responsible for the failure of some…

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What to Expect when Your Bilingual Child Starts Learning to Read

A quarter of one million people migrate to the UK each year¹, increasing the number of children growing up bilingual or multilingual. As both a practicing child psychologist and speech therapist, I am often asked questions by parents of bilingual children learning to read. Some of the most common are: Does a psychological conflict cause…

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Is Being Left Handed Connected to Learning Difficulties?

One of the most common questions posed to me as a child psychologist and speech therapist is a question about reading disorders. And more often than not, they come from parents of children who are left handed. Already at the stage of gathering information about the history of the child’s development, as soon as I…

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