US vs. UK English

UK vs. US English: Spelling, Punctuation & Helpful Rules to Know

2000 2000 Robyn Anderson

I never realised that the age-old argument between American and British English really is ages-old! In fact, it dates back…

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Cognitive Development in Children

8522 5681 Robyn Anderson

Learning how to read and write is an important stage in the development of the child, the effectiveness of which…

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Игры для развития координации глаз и рук

Development of Spatial Orientation and Eye-Hand Coordination

3864 2576 Robyn Anderson

Learning process of reading and writing is based on the child’s spatial orientation skills (top, bottom, right, left, understanding of…

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Fun reading games to help children learn to read

4000 2667 Robyn Anderson

Learning to read is likely the most challenging task a child has faced in their lives at the age when…

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granny with an ipad and granddaughter: MFL in the UK need to start teaching children at an earlier age

Changes to MFL Teaching in the UK: Let’s Get Them Young!

6000 4000 Michael Krause

I spent the last five years teaching in a German High School. I learnt a lot (especially German!), which made…

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learn the german language

8 Useful Tips on How to Learn the German Language

5184 3270 Michael Krause

In this article, we will have a look at mechanisms of human memory in order to understand how to best…

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The Global Reading Method

1280 851 Doctor Schlaukind

In recent decades, teachers have started to implement the new way of teaching children how to read using the analytical,…

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How to Learn German Starting with the German Alphabet

1280 853 Doctor Schlaukind

The German alphabet is very easy to learn! This alphabet learning guide is a good way for beginners to learn…

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7 Key Reading Tips From a Child Psychologist on How to Teach Your Child to Read at Any Age

1280 853 Doctor Schlaukind

In the era of gadgets and information technology parents’ complaints are increasing: How can you teach your child to read…

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Linkshänder lesen schrieben lernen

Learning Letters: Methods, Activities and Games to Help Children Learn the Alphabet

320 214 Doctor Schlaukind

Learning the alphabet (or learning letters of the alphabet) is an important first step in the process of learning how…

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