Teach German as a Foreign Lanugage!

Perfect for the classroom & at home!

eKidz.eu is a creative and cross-curriculum programme that enables educators to apply various reading strategies in the classroom. It can be used with students of different ages, learning speeds and levels — regardless whether learning German as a first or foreign language.

eKidz.eu is flexible and interactive, being well-suited for supplemental use in the pupil’s native tongue during a regular lesson, for example, or in a language school abroad or as a supplement for children with special needs; there are numerous ways to accommodate your students’ needs.

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Acquisition of knowledge through sight and sound is reshaping how children and adults alike learn to read. Developing language skills in a natural way and exposing the student to linguistic variations open new horizons in his/her language development. A speaker or writer will use different linguistic forms on different occasions. Most of this variation is highly systematic with choices in pronunciation, morphology, wordage and grammar being made based on a number of non-linguistic factors.
The choice of words and grammar one uses are dictated by the purpose of communication. What better way to learn this than through many different books, illustrated with various scenarios and topics!
Enjoyable and effortless training is the key to effective development of language skills. We build on students’ digital-nativeness and their ability to acquire knowledge in new ways, motivating them even further to learn how to read!


Need fresh ideas for your German lessons? Want to add some new, interactive content to your German as a foreign language lesson plans? The eKidz.eu Team has developed a comprehensive lesson plan under the guidance of a licensed child psychologist and speech therapist which provides teachers like you with inspiration for use as a German language learning ressource and at-home study material.

Let us help you to nurture young readers in your classroom, study groups or during individual tutoring sessions.

Develop your students’ language skills in a fun and interactive way by letting them retell eKidz.eu stories and create their own stories with our highly intuitive app. Children can even follow along as eBooks are read aloud, slowing down or speeding up the story to suit their own individual learning and listening pace.